Anker’s Orb-Shaped Desk Charger Is Just

Anker Magnetic Desktop Charging Station edited into an illustration of someone looking at an orb

There are many ways to charge multiple devices at once on a desk or table, but perhaps none are as unique as the spherical Anker Magnetic Charging Station. Now you can ponder the orb at a discount, thanks to a limited deal at Amazon.

The Magnetic Charging Station is currently on sale for $63.99, a discount of 36% from the original MSRP, and the lowest recorded price yet. It’s a desk charger with three AC wall outlet plugs, two USB Type-C ports, and two USB Type-A connectors. The USB-C ports can reach charging speeds of up to 65W, making it an excellent option for charging your devices at your desk, or overnight power on a bedstand.

The ports are on the back of the Charging Station, with a Qi charging pad on the front that magnetically attaches to phones. It will work with any iPhone that supports MagSafe charging, which includes the iPhone 12 series and newer. The requirement for a magnetic connection (otherwise the phone will just slip off) leaves out Samsung Galaxy devices and most other smartphones, but you can still charge them through a wired connection around back.

Charging stations can be a great way to reduce cable clutter, and this option from Anker is especially compelling if you have a MagSafe-compatible phone. If wireless charging isn’t as important, the Anker 65W Desk Charger is a similar option that only has USB ports — I bought one of them a few months ago for travel, and it’s excellent.

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