Get Your Free Copy of The 2022-23 Practical Ed Tech Handbook

Near the start of every school year I publish an updated version of The Practical Ed Tech Handbook. This year it took me a bit longer than usual to get it done and I didn’t send it out until mid-September. Since then I made a few minor edits to it (mostly to correct grammatical mistakes that I missed earlier). If you didn’t get your copy earlier this school year, The Practical Ed Tech Handbook is now available for free to anyone who is subscribed to The Practical Ed Tech Newsletter or who registers for it here

This year’s edition of The Practical Ed Tech Handbook has 58 pages divided into thirteen sections.

1. Communication with students and parents – page 5

2. Creating Blogs & Websites – page 9

3. Web search strategies – page 15

4. Digital citizenship – page 17

5. Video creation and flipped lessons – page 22

6. Audio recording and publishing – page 31

7. Backchannels and formative assessment – page 32

8. Digital portfolios – page 36

9. Augmented and Virtual Reality – page 38

10. Intro to Programming and Makerspaces – page 43

11. Accessibility Tools – page 48

12. DIY Game Creation – page 54

13. Helpful things that don’t fit into one category – page 56

You can get your free copy of The Practical Ed Tech Handbook when you subscribe to The Practical Ed Tech Newsletter right here.

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