Cleburne student gains better computer technology for online schooling | News

Mabel R. Acton

Rhianna Pope Cleburne Student

Seventh-grader Rhianna Pope at her home in rural Cleburne County. For her online classes, she only has her phone and a iPad to connect to the internet, which is unreliable.

HEFLIN — By the time it reaches Rhianna Pope’s residence on County Road 821 in rural Cleburne County, the  information superhighway has hit a few bumps and potholes.

Pope, 14, is a seventh-grader at Cleburne County Middle School. She lives on a crumbling one-lane asphalt road with   her brother, Koby Hale, 10, and her great-grandmother Lola Stephens. 

Access to the internet — crucial

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