Did Vivo Launch The New Vivo V17 Neo With Waterproof IP Ratings?

There is no IP rating for the device on the product launch page or on the spec sheet page. But don’t worry, because we will continue with our Vivo V17 Pro waterproof test to find out if this device can survive underwater or not.

Do You Need a Waterproof Vivo V17 Pro Waterproof Smartphone? Modern customer demand is increasing day by day. Keeping that in mind, Realme announced a splash-proof vivo V15 body that has passed many waterproof tests and is great for the price customers are paying.

However, this cannot be confirmed with the Vivo V17 Pro as there are no IP68 details on the official homepage. Also read: Is Vivo V17 Pro a waterproof and dustproof device? Waterproof Test. A waterproof smartphone can come in really handy when you need to use your device in rainy weather, to talk or play games in the shower. You can also enjoy underwater photography or videography etc. Or if you are crazy enough, you can video call your friends while they are scuba diving. The possibilities are endless, but only if the new vivo V17 Pro is completely waterproof and IP68.

Is Vivo V17 Pro Waterproof Dust-Proof? The new Vivo V17 Pro is waterproof or not? Time to find out. In our vivo V17 waterproof test, we will test the device for three different scenarios. One for splash resistance, one for waterproof and one for dustproof. We hope that these tests will confirm whether the new vivo V17 Pro is actually waterproof or not.