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Printers are useful for a wide range of functions and are not necessarily restricted to just printing. As a college student or a growing entrepreneur, your printing need might be limited and restricted to just printing. However, there is a multifunctional printer that performs such functions as, scanning, faxing, and copying. When getting printers, you don’t need to look out for budgets, as there are high-quality printers that come at affordable prices. These printers mostly use inkjet technology, while a few others use laser technology. You should understand that although these printers are quite inexpensive, they are however expensive to maintain especially the inkjet models. Most brands sell their printer at a cheap rate but sell their ink cartridges at an expensive fee. It is, however, advisable to go for these printers, especially if you don’t make bulk printing. If you want to buy inkjet cartridges from different brands, you might want to visit online stores like InkJetsuperStore offers.

Although, printers used to be one essential home and office equipment then, but they, however, comes with a lot of maintenance which some people might not be able to afford. With the advancement in technology, there have emerged a whole lot of other printing alternatives. These alternatives are mostly digital contents and might be found at RedShelf.

The below, however, are some of the printers that can help you save money.


Canon Pixma TR4520

This printer is suitable for home and office use as it offers such functions as, print, scan, fax, and copy. Canon Pixma TR4520 is said to have support for Wi-Fi, Apple AirPrint, Mopria Print Services, and Google Cloud Print, hence making it possible to print wirelessly from most devices, of which they include, iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, and even Chromebooks. The printer is claimed to offer high printing quality, using black and color ink cartridges.


Portable Document Format

This is one of the most widely used alternatives to printing as of today. Almost all documents, resources, magazines, books and more, now have its PDF version which can be easily accessible with any device. The PDF documents can be easily read at one’s convenience, and do not necessarily require prior printing, thus helping one to save cost.


Digital Signature Software

For most businesses and organizations, avoiding printing documents might seem impossible, due to the need for one signature or the other of some of their official documents. However, with the invention of digital signature software, users can easily sign a document without necessarily printing them. All that is needed is for a user to click a button, that will produce his or her signature on the documents, which then can be faxed back to the recipient.


Electronic Record Filing

With electronic record filing, you don’t need to worry about printing out documents to store them properly. Electronic record filing helped replace the traditional way of storing files physically, which is not often reliable and allows for storage of all kinds of files. Aside from that, these files could be easily backup to prevent any bad occurrence.

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