Origin Acoustics Announces New Speakers and Subwoofers: CEDIA 2022

Origin Acoustics has been a popular exhibitor at the CEDIA Expo in recent years. Launched in 2014, they became the second most popular brand in the in-wall/in-ceiling architectural speaker category by 2019 according to CEPro’s brand analysis (pdf download). Their new range of loudspeakers and subwoofers were introduced at CEDIA 2022; the new lineup includes a mix of outdoor, in-wall, in-ceiling, soundbars, and subwoofers for both residential and commercial installations.

Outdoor Surface Mounted Speakers

Origin Acoustics Outdoor Surface Mount Residential Speakers

Starting off their CEDIA 2022 product announcements, Origin Acoustics has unveiled the latest category expansion in its Surface Mount outdoor speaker line. Three models are available, with either a 5, 6, or 8-inch IMPP (Injection Molded Polypropylene Plastic) high-performance woofer, which delivers great low-end response from a sealed enclosure. 

In addition to the woofer, the speaker has a 1-inch aluminum tweeter that is designed specifically for outdoor environments. 

The C Bracket combined with the screw-down end caps allows for maximum vertical and horizontal mounting options. 

These speakers are perfect for outdoor applications and carry an IPX6 rating with UV resistance to ensure reliability in any environment. 

Slim Commercial Speaker 

Origin Acoustics Slim Commercial In-ceiling/In-wall Speaker

The PC60S speaker features a new slim design that is UL 1480A approved, consisting of a 6.5-inch IMPP high-performance woofer with a 1-inch DPSD silk tweeter for a smooth and balanced sound. 

The speaker is enclosed in a metal back can with a depth of 4.35-inches allowing dealers to install this product where most normal 8-inch depth speakers won’t fit. The speaker has front-mounted adjustable impedance settings for 8 ohms, along with 70v/100v, with multiple wattage taps for each, and is concealed by a thin bezel magnetic grill. 

Professional 70v Surface Mount Speakers

Origin Acoustics Pro Outdoor Surface Mount 70v Commercial Speakers

In this speaker line, there are 3 UL 1480A-approved models available. The speakers include a 5, 6, or 8-inch IMPP high-performance woofer, which is designed to deliver strong low end performance from the front-ported enclosure. 

The woofer is accompanied by a 1-inch aluminum tweeter designed specifically for today’s high-demand commercial applications. Front-mounted wiring and adjustable impedance settings for 8 ohms, along with 70v/100v with multiple wattage taps for each, allow for easy installation. 

The C Bracket combined with the screw-down end caps allows for maximum vertical and horizontal mounting options.

These speakers are perfect for indoor or outdoor applications and carry an IPX6 rating with UV resistance to ensure reliability in any environment. 

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Ambisonic Big Bollard Landscape Speakers

Origin Acoustics Ambisonic Big Bollards Landscape Speaker

The Big Bollard Landscape speakers from the Origin Acoustics Ambisonic brand are designed to deliver incredible performance from a beautiful design for any Residential or Commercial outdoor application.

The speakers are available with round or square aluminum sleeves in silver, black, and bronze.

Each speaker contains a 10-inch subwoofer, a 6.5-inch polypropylene mid-range and a round planar magnetic ribbon tweeter. This tweeter design allows 360° dispersion. The tweeter is treated with a Kapton coating utilizing a special application process, which allows the product to stand up to the outdoor elements without impacting the sound. 

For installation flexibility, each speaker has an adjustable impedance setting for 8 ohms, along with 70v/100v with multiple wattages. The speakers have a 30hz to 40Khz frequency response and can handle up to 300 watts of peak power.     

Minimal Opening System Design Centric Speakers

Origin Acoustics Min Opening Speaker System

The new MOS36 is the latest addition to the minimum opening system line of products from Origin Acoustics.

An easy-to-install enclosure provides a very low-frequency response from a 6-inch fiberglass woofer, which ports around a 2-inch wide-band aluminum driver, providing a well-balanced sound from a design-centric 4-inch opening. 

The system includes 6 different finish options, in the square, round, and both flushed and surface mount options, along with the necessary spacers to adjust for various surface material thicknesses. 

The MOS36 is the latest in a series of products that address the interior design needs of today’s modern homes, while still delivering the high-performance sonic experience that customers desire. 

Slim Powered Subwoofer

Origin Acoustics Subs10 In-wall Subwoofer

Origin Acoustics further expands its line of subwoofers with the SUBS10 Slimline Subwoofer

The subwoofer incorporates a 10-inch woven fiberglass woofer and a built-in amplifier that delivers up to 400 watts of peak performance.

The SUBS10 installation has flexibility with wall mount or in-room options, and with a depth of less than 5-inch the product can even fit under furniture without being seen. 

A USB output is available for powering an optional wireless receiver. This proves more convenient as it reduces wire clutter while still delivering deep bass down to 35Hz.

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This subwoofer is the latest addition to Origin Acoustics Design Centric Technology™ line of products, engineered with both performance and the ability to blend into any environment. 

New Soundbars

Origin Acoustics Soundbars 2022

The new line of Origin Acoustics soundbars includes several unique features designed to address the cosmetic needs of consumers, along with the installation flexibility needed for today’s design-centric homes.

Tip: The Origin Acoustics soundbars are passive, which means they require external amplification to operate. 

The line consists of 8 multi-channel models, which align with most TV widths and utilize their patent-pending InstaWidth™ design. This allows you to adjust each end cap up to .75 inches, allowing for 1.5 inches of total adjustment. VesaMatch™ mounting design by Origin Acoustics provides easy installation.

There are also 2 LCR models available for on-wall home theater applications. All the soundbars utilize a mix of 3.5” fiberglass drivers along with 1-inch DPSD Silk dome tweeters wrapped in a beautiful aluminum cabinet for amazing sound and clarity.

The new Origin Acoustics soundbars are designed to meet the needs of Design Centric Installations™ without sacrificing audio performance. 

Availability and Pricing

For availability and pricing info for all Origin Acoustics products refer to their website and dealer/installer network

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