Computers and consoles – Technology through time – KS3 ICT Revision

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Transistors, which were much smaller than vacuum tubes, enabled the development of the personal computer (PC) or desktop.

Laptops and netbooks

Laptops were developed in the 1980s and 1990s. Today most people choose a laptop over a desktop computer for work or use at home. Today’s laptops are often as powerful and in some cases more powerful than some desktop computers.


Released in 2007, netbooks were smaller, less powerful laptops. Today they are primarily used for browsing the web and editing documents but they too are getting more powerful.


Supercomputers are the most powerful computers in existence.

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Laptop computer Computer systems

Mabel R. Acton

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Local SEO in Perth by Digital Marketing and SEO Specialists Perth Digital Edge for Businesses Across Niches and Sizes – Press Release

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According to Perth Digital Edge and Ben Tippett’s announcements, this established digital marketing agency is an expert local SEO in Perth that businesses have come to rely on. It has helped businesses in Western Australia establish a local presence, online and offline through digital marketing. 

With Perth Digital Edge, clients are assured

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The Chief In Website Creation

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