Do you want to be able to create amazon product bundles without having to submit extra inventory to Amazon? Do you want to cross-promote products or test and validate product combinations? To assist sellers, Amazon has launched a new feature called Virtual Product Bundles. The feature is still in beta and only available to a restricted number of FBA sellers in the US market. There is no word from the e-commerce behemoth on whether a complete rollout is in the works. Bundles cannot be a variant of another ASIN in your catalogue at this time. Customer reviews and ratings for the bundles are separate from the reviews and ratings for the individual component products. Individual components may also be returned by the consumer separately.

What is an Amazon Product Bundle, and how does it work?

Product bundles, according to Amazon, are two to five products from your catalogue sold together at a price to enhance conversion rates. These items are not packaged together and are instead shipped as separate packages. Amazon bundles products into kits and delivers them from its FBA centers whenever a client puts an order, saving merchants time and bother.

Since you were a child, you’ve heard of product bundles. Bundles have long been a popular sales approach in physical retailers such as department stores and supermarkets. The idea is simple: combine many or related products into a single unit at a reduced price. The goal is to make the bundle less expensive than the sum of the individual products. The real challenge is figuring out how to apply this fantastic sales strategy to eCommerce. You can’t simply create and add a new product code for a bundle and sell it alongside the various products that make up the bundle in today’s digitized internet sales market. The issue is that this can cause stock levels to fluctuate.

A Virtual FBA Product Bundle’s Advantages

Based on the information above, you can probably estimate the advantages of establishing a Virtual Product Bundle, but let us go through them in more detail.

  • Customers will appreciate the value and convenience you provide.

Customers appreciate a good deal. It’s a win-win situation if you can give them various things from your product range in one convenient bundle with a few dollars off.

  • There is no need to prepare your bundle beforehand.

The primary advantage of a Virtual Bundle is that you don’t have to pack, label, or ship the bundle to FBA individually. This saves you a lot of time and money because you won’t have to create a new listing or purchase a new UPC for the bundle. Everything is completed in a matter of minutes for you.

  • A new UPC code is not required.

This is a big benefit when it comes to UPC codes. If you were to build a completely new bespoke bundled listing, it would normally require its own unique barcode. A separate UPC is not required for Virtual Bundles. They have their own SKU, which you can see in Seller’s Manage Inventory area.