2021 - Winter joys: 3 ideas to enjoy winter to your heart's content!


The backbone of small talk with friends and strangers is near — complaining about how it gets dark so early in the winter. 


Many people, including us, dread the long winter darkness. However, hating the darkness cannot help us at all. Whether we like it or not, we have to live through the natural winter chills and darkness. So, in this blog, we have tried our best to find opportunities to bond with the sunsets a little earlier and help people enjoy winter in the best way possible. 


After the pandemic, we have realized that adapting to change is the best way to live through difficult times. If you are trying to create ideas that help you avoid the winter and darkness, then this approach will be less beneficial. It is the best time to test your adapting behaviors. You can always find solutions to change your approach and appreciate the good in winter. 


Following are some useful tips to enjoy winter without dreading over them. 


Appreciate Indoors

After spending over 18 months inside our homes, it is time to think of some ideas to appreciate the indoors. The pandemic did not let us appreciate the goodness that comes with staying indoors but winter might give us some reasons to. Winter gives you cozy nights, freshly baked bread, and a jar filled with cookies. However, you can top up a notch and create a TV night for your loved ones or just for yourself. Pairing your baked goods with your favorite movie or TV show will help you love the chilly nights. However, to enjoy a good online movie or show to the fullest, you need stable internet service. 


If you have internet service from Cox Communications, then you do not have to worry about anything. The high-speed and stable internet service will help you keep the movie night fun and happening. 


Other than this, you can think of some more wintertime activities for enjoying your time at home. You can try your luck with crafting or see if you have a thing for knitting. You can also read your favorite book while getting cozy in front of the fire, or do your favorite practice yoga.


Time to Get a Little Cozy


To enjoy winter, it is important to stay “cozy”. We all know that coziness is the hallmark of winter but still many people do not know how to bring that cozy feeling inside their home. 


All you need to do is gather around the light when it becomes dark and cold on the outside. Gathering around a fireplace inside your home or lighting some candles will help you embrace the cozy feel. 


Try embracing the indoor pleasures to enjoy the little dark time that winter brings. 


Accept the Darkness


The first and last thing, which might be the hardest as well, is to accept the darkness. Winter brings cold and dark nights, and you have to accept that they are here to stay for some time. 


Many of us try to pretend that winter cannot change our routine, but in reality, it changes our days and nights dramatically. We cannot stick to the same schedules. The daylight influences our cycle and the darkness controls our sleep patterns. 


We often feel a lot sleepier in the winter, which is okay. Rather than sticking to your summer cycle, make sure you adapt to the sleepier side as well. 

Enjoy the Light!


The ultimate charm of winter is the little light that brightens up your home. Make sure you catch the sunlight, so you do not solely rely on lamps.