8 Ways to Improve the User Experience on Your E-commerce Website

E-commerce business has been growing fast and people are loving the fact that life can be easier for them since they can just purchase online according to a trusted internet and digital marketing agency. Business on the other hand improves now and then to satisfy the demands of their customers. Competition is also high, so they have to make strategies that can make them unique. Here are unique ways to improve UX (user experience) on your e-commerce website. 

Tip on How To Improve Customer Experience On Website

Placed Repeat Order Button 

Placing an easy to click repeat button on your website can make it more convenient for your previous customers and can motivate them to order again. You can place this on the purchase history page, so they can easily see it when they check on their list of transactions. Make sure to put a clear payment and shipping address is clear.  

Product Availability and Prices Should be Disclosed

Displaying processes are not recommended in e-commerce sites because this will succumb to the pressure of the market. However, you can make your prices available by putting a request button for prices and availability of the products in this way customers can get the information they need by using this method. For the stock availability use other terms such as “Good availability” instead of showing the number of units available. Giving a way for the buyer to contact you can make communication more accurate. 

For Product Configuration Use Clear Design Interactions 

It is common for E-commerce platforms to use codes for their products especially if they are selling multiple choices for one product for instance color or designs. However, customers get confused with codes sometimes so it will be better if you use pages for each variety. In this way customers can easily select the product they want, it will be less hassle for them. Product configuration should also be detailed, so they can see the description of products easily. 

Use a Design That can show All the Options for Packaging 

In e-commerce business packaging is important since it is an online business. Use terms that can easily be understood by the buyers. Packaging options should also be displayed where you can see all the options, use radio button paradigms so customers can see all the options, drop down menus are not recommended. Putting size details of the item and packaging sizes will also be helpful for them to know what to expect from their items and packaging. 

Provide Users a Way to Manage their Invoices  

Invoices can help e-commerce users to monitor their purchases that’s why it is helpful to make it accessible.  Make a page where all invoices can be downloaded or you can also automatically send it to their email with additional PDF attachment. In cases where invoices are not yet available, add it as a line item and state the reason why it is not available. 

For Product Discovery Invest in Good UX Design 

Having a good UX design can make your e-commerce platform work well. E-Commerce UX research shows that pages that load fast and have proper elements can get more customers. Product details such as images, descriptions, prices and varieties should be present in the page. With all these details if not properly designed there is a tendency that pages may not load immediately due to overloading of data. The bad effect of this is that customers will not wait for the images to load but instead leave the pages and check on other sites. When this happens, you lose a potential customer. If you ask What Is A Good E-Commerce User Experience? They would say pages where we can see the details of all the products we want to purchase. 

Hope we have answered all your questions on How Can I Improve My E-Commerce Website? And How Can I Improve My Website Experience? Making your website unique can attract more customers since they can see that it can easily be accessed, and they can see all the information  they need to know about the products they want to buy. If you need assistance in making your e-commerce business, the Internet Marketing Agency can help you. They can be able to discuss to you in detail on how to create unique ways to improve ux (user experience) on your e-commerce website.