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An optimised VPS Server can perform much better than a regular server. When discussing VPS Hosting in India, you should know that VPS is a faster and more reliable server than Shared Hosting. 

Additionally, if you apply optimisation tips to your VPS Server and invest in a reliable VPS hosting provider in India, you can increase its overall performance.

Generally, Virtual Server sites load 15% to 35% faster than those hosted on shared plans. So here, In this article, we will explore some of the best tips you can apply to optimise your VPS Server Hosting and its performance.

Tips to Optimise Your Virtual Private Server

  1. Regularly Update Software and Security Patches

In 2023, the global average data breach cost amounted to $4.45 million, as reported by Statista. Thus, updating your software and applying security patches to mitigate security risks is crucial. 

However, by keeping your server’s operating system, control panel and other software up to date, you can effectively protect your Virtual Servers against vulnerabilities.

  1. Implement Content Delivery Networks (CDNs)

According to Akamai, even a mere 100 millisecond delay in website loading time can lead to a 7% decrease in conversion rates. 

Thus, consider implementing content delivery networks (CDNs), as they distribute website content across servers globally, resulting in reduced latency and improved page loading times. 

Integrating a CDN with your VPS Server can significantly enhance user experience and will boost your SEO rankings.

  1. Optimise Databases

Databases are the core of your website. Thus, optimising your databases by eliminating data, utilising indexing techniques and implementing caching mechanisms is essential. 

  1.  Implement Server Caching

A Kissmetrics study reveals that 47% of consumers said that they expect web pages to load within two seconds or less. 

Due to this, you can consider integrating server caching practices that store accessed data to alleviate server load and expedite page rendering processes. 

  1. Monitor Server Performance

Keep an eye on the performance of your VPS Server by monitoring it using tools like Google Analytics, New Relic or server monitoring software provided by your hosting provider. 

It will help you identify any bottlenecks or performance issues in time.

  1. Optimise Images and Files

Another essential aspect is optimising the images and files on your website, as significant, unoptimised images and files can significantly slow your website’s loading time. 

Thus, it is essential to compress your images and use the appropriate file formats to improve load times.

  1. Enable GZIP Compression

GZIP compression is a great approach to reduce the size of files transmitted between the server and the user’s browser. It will not only save the bandwidth but also improve website loading speeds. According to Yahoo, GZIP compression can reduce file sizes by 70-90%.


Optimising your VPS Server in India can significantly improve its performance, reliability, and speed, contributing to the user experience and business reputation. 

However, don’t forget to invest in a reliable VPS provider who will provide sufficient resources and security to easily, efficiently, and effectively achieve your online goals. 

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