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How important is Seller Feedback? Authoritative data show that 84% of people believe that reviews of online products are as reliable as personal recommendations!

Successful Amazon sellers treat “pleasing customers” as their core job. After that, more than half of the online sales work have been completed. But how to improve Seller Feedback Rating?

1. Make it clear what it means to please your customers

If you want to get more 5-stars feedback, you must figure out what to do first, and then practice repeatedly. Because winning customer satisfaction isn’t an overnight event — qualified Amazon sellers should focus on it as a priority.

2. Timely reply and problem solving

It’s so important to be “Timely”– there is no such thing as an “off day” or “holiday” when it comes to Amazon customer issues! “Customer satisfaction” is a top priority for Amazon and, naturally, for sellers. It doesn’t mean you have to get up at 3 a.m. to reply to emails, but you must make a proper response within 24 hours!

3. Take the initiative to greet customers

Here’s a grim fact: customers are more likely to give feedback when the shopping experience is poor. Because “don’t play tricks” is the bottom line of online shoppers, once they are dissatisfied, they will feel uncomfortable after expressing their anger and remind other buyers to guard against you.

So, what exactly should we do?

For those customers who are very satisfied with the product, you can take the initiative to ask them to leave a comment. If you want him to write a long compliment, you should take the time to email him specifically to request a comment, highlighting their concerns, such as style, size, and material, and induce them to write accordingly.

4. Be familiar with amazon’s review policy

You will never be able to please all buyers, so you will inevitably receive negative feedback. When it happens (and it will happen), don’t just feel helpless. Just keep your eyes open and see if the buyer has made a mistake.

First, you should check if the feedback conforms to Amazon’s guidelines — if not, you can contact Amazon to delete it.

Note: “seller feedback” should not contain anything about the product, but only about the services provided by the seller! If you find a customer mistakenly fills the product review into the seller feedback field, you should contact Amazon to delete it.

Special reminder: Amazon advocates simple and clear, so a sentence “this is a product review, please remove it” is enough, do not equivocate or waffle.

It’s worth mentioning that the benefits of FBA are also vivid on the point of Seller feedback – Amazon will bear all disputes related to transportation and packaging. So you should pay more attention to the neutral and poor comments on transportation or packaging. Once you encounter such comments, contact Amazon to delete them quickly to avoid affecting your seller rating and product sales get all the tips & tricks Amazon FBA on Zonbase blog.

5. Communicate professionally

A negative review is not always entirely frustrating, and sometimes a negative review can help you discover your weaknesses and find room for improvement.

Contact unhappy buyers proactively and ask them what they are not satisfied with. Is it because the delivery time is one day later than expected? Or is the product inconsistent with the description? For whatever reason, communicate politely and professionally with them and try to restore their customer experience.